Monday, 19 October 2009

Its getting tougher....

I couldn't help but notice that my third year is starting to feel like a final year. Unfortunately there is always a lull at the start of the year with no work involved. But I'm now finding, that a couple of slip ups or a few "rest days" everything starts to get on top of you. I seem to be in that situation now, but thankfully its not all that bad at the moment. I think that when my timetable becomes more rigid, I'll start to get my head down. The problem is, this bleeding FYP, first of all you have to choose a subject, and then you have to research and write it. Now essays have never been my strong point, maybe because i usually leave them too long and never have to motivation for them. Unfortunately if I don't have the motivation for this one, then my degree is down the pan.....

And we don't want that!

'spose I best get on with things because this blog is distracting me!


  1. don't blog things like this - it doesn't help, there's no point and it brings us all into disrepute.

  2. Alexa ranking 16.2 - see messageboard. Just quickly reading blogs today, not leaving comments and But please blog each week on each issue of WINOL - keep it positive! - that will really help you write your critical review of how it all went (it should essentially be a matter of stringing all your blog entries into a coherent piece of writing and handing that in).