Monday, 19 October 2009

Its getting tougher....

I couldn't help but notice that my third year is starting to feel like a final year. Unfortunately there is always a lull at the start of the year with no work involved. But I'm now finding, that a couple of slip ups or a few "rest days" everything starts to get on top of you. I seem to be in that situation now, but thankfully its not all that bad at the moment. I think that when my timetable becomes more rigid, I'll start to get my head down. The problem is, this bleeding FYP, first of all you have to choose a subject, and then you have to research and write it. Now essays have never been my strong point, maybe because i usually leave them too long and never have to motivation for them. Unfortunately if I don't have the motivation for this one, then my degree is down the pan.....

And we don't want that!

'spose I best get on with things because this blog is distracting me!

Monday, 5 October 2009

Muse: The Resistance- A few short words....

Being a Muse fan, I feel I need to write something meaningful about the latest Muse album, The Resistance. As I listen to it now, I still struggle to find the words to describe their progressive rock. Although I cannot note in detail how their music sounds, I can describe how it makes me feel and what I love about it.
First lets get to the band. A three piece, drums, bass and guitar/piano/vocals. Almost immediately you notice the piano. When are they ever in rock bands? Well unless they are as interesting or indeed as experimental as Muse. Then not often at all. I'm not going to go into their personal info much more because thats something for you to find out! You can find it all here,
One thing i do notice about Muse, is how every member keeps the band up. No member is any better than the other. For example, the bass guitar is used for keeping rhythm but Christopher Wolstenholme's bass lines are much more complex and tend to give the songs more of a structure. Dominic Howard also gives the band rhythm in the form of a drum beat which compliments the bass lines and in some cases, piano.
We finally come to the last member who in some cases is considered the mascot of the band and the figurehead. His love for piano, orchestra and guitar effects somehow flows seamlessly together along with his voice into the three part "Exogenesis" symphony at the end of the album, which will be the love or hate part for many individuals that buy the album but for those with their "Muse Goggles", will love it. A rare chance for Matthew Bellamy to let loose his experimental side and for the other members to follow him bravely into the vast darkness of unexplored music genres.
The trio of greatly experimental musical masterpieces, written by Bellamy carry his style of piano and views about the earth and how humans came to be at earth. Once again, I don't really want to go into much detail about this, maybe another time?